Recruiting During COVID-19: What Has Changed?

Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) which is specifically based on genetic structure causing respiratory illness with other symptoms that spread through surface/air contact. Due to Covid-19 the market movements echo the uncertainty that affects and continues not just in US but ........


Intelligent process automation

RPA 2.0: Robotic Process-oriented software includes condition checks, filters, and AI-enabled software for organizational operations helping to gradually evolve RPA 2.0. Beside poor, continual, mutual, self-learning and the self-improvised system should train itself to take ........


New technologies for vehicles that doesn’t pollute

What is the future of the vehicles using fossil fuels? Is it still good to buy fossil fuel-based vehicles? What are the latest trends that are adopted in vehicles? Present vehicles emit Nitrogen and Sulphur oxides, Hydrocarbons and Carbon monoxide. Exceeding certain PPM leve........


How Industrial IOT finds a home in RPA technology?

Robotic process automation(1.0) is the next engineering marvel. RPA the combination of mechatronics/IIoT/IoE/IoT/Electronics and electrical will go along with Artificially intelligence. Why RPA when we already have all the technologies individually. In the recent times, Data........

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